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Why us
Why Linkfarr

What makes us different is our ability to deliver and incorporate the following differentiators in our training services:

  • Highly experienced trainers

    • Our knowledge proprietors are highly experienced individuals with more than 15 years average working experience in both the public sectors and that of the private sectors. Training is thus enriched with practical insights.
    • They have proven track record since they have conducted numerous support staff development programs (both in-house and public). Training can be customized based on the needs of customers and also on the perceived skill gaps of the employees that need bridging.

  • Focus on practicality and application

    • Our training approach is based on experiential learning. We incorporate both the practical aspects and theoretical aspects of knowledge into our programs. This is done through incorporation of training methodology that addresses the needs of adult learners so that the process of transferring knowledge is effective.
    • Our training program is not a “hit and run” and program. We do care for the end results of our training program. As such, our training program is never static. We incorporate customer feedback and customization requirements in our products.

  • Induce positive changes in behavioral pattern

    • One of the desired results of our training programs rests on our quest to see positive changes in the participants’ attitudes towards life and works. A positive attitude and outlook are necessary for the participants to use the skills and knowledge gained from training to enhance their performance thus that boundary leap in productivity. We strongly believe that this is the basis that adds value to the bottom line of companies
Success Referrals
  For service verification purpose, potential customers are welcome to refer to any of the following listed customers. We have a long list of established customers from 1998 to the most recent. The referrals contact person details will only be provided upon request.
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