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Why us
Linkfarr Overview

At Linkfarr, our training modules and services focus on three core areas:

  1. People – Development of Personnel
  2. Technology – Development of ICT as an Enabler
  3. Business – Formation of Sustainable Business through Productivity Improvement


Development of people is essential in ensuring the continuous success of organizations. At Linkfarr, our products are tailored towards ensuring that there will be results at the end of our training sessions. We have a whole range of programs on clerical development, supervisory development and managerial development programs.

All of our soft skill training programs are designed based on the formula that people Performance is a function of Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Motivation and Environment.

P = f (ASK ME)

By incorporating these parameters inside our training modules, we believe that the desired results on the workforce can be achieved.


Our technology products are tailored towards defense, education and industry requirements of utilizing ICT as the enabler technology.

With the technical support of the following principals, we have complete capabilities in delivering development, consultancy and training requirements in the areas of Satellite Communication, ICT Software, Systems and Network Requirements, Network Security and Forensics and Electronic Warfare and Security System.


Formation of sustainable business is a major challenge in any organization. The forces of change are so volatile that a business success story today can be another sunset industry in a matter of years. Organizations that are more capable of adapting to changes are the ones that can sustain and prosper.

Having a well-trained workforce in business process improvement tools is one ingredient that enables organizations to be more adaptable to the environmental forces of change.

Our products under this category focus on process improvement tools from ISO 9000 related quality tools to that of FMEA methodology and other problem solving methods as required by companies and organizations. Most of our training products under this category are based on industrial and quality engineering principles as well as finance principles.

In the ever changing landscape of the African Savannah, even the lion has to adapt.

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