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Message From Chairman

The challenges facing corporations in the 21st centuries are markedly different from other periods in the history of the modern economy. Competitiveness as we know it today is primarily the function of adaptation to the rapid changes in technology and acquisition of the relevant knowledge to cope with the ever-changing business cycle.

 The kind of employees that companies require now is knowledge workers with the right skills, knowledge and abilities who are able to adapt to new competitive landscape. With this in mind, Linkfarr Sdn Bhd is continuously developing training modules and services that will assist companies to equip their employees with the right skills set that will set them apart from the competition.

The changing phases of the Malaysian economy in tandem with the development taking place in other parts of the world is enough to justify the continued need for rethinking business and reskilling our human resource. Training should never be seen as a burden of additional cost to the companies’ budget constraint. Rather, it is a methodology required to provide the stimulus to achieve the targeted productivity and quality level of output. Linkfarr strives to provide just that.

At Linkfarr, apart from imparting knowledge and skills, we believe that training should also induce positive behavioral changes. This is made possible by realigning the goals and motivation of the employees to that of the organization. Our courses are designed and delivered with YOUR REQUIREMENTS in mind. Given the opportunity, we would like to be your partner in PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT to face the challenges of the new knowledge economy and beyond.


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