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Dr Pauziah Hanum Abdul Ghani
Environmental Management System Expert

Dr Pauziah Hanum has 29 years of experience in the field of environment management science. A Doctoral graduate from University Putra Malaysia in Environmental Management Science, she has worked in a very diverse job scope of the environmental science which includes EIA, Water Quality, Marine Pollution, Toxic Waste Management, and Water Restoration. Her doctoral thesis concentrated in the development of knowledge-based system for river water quality management. Her years with the Department of Environment and National Research Institute of Hydraulic of Malaysia had given her hands-on experience in environmental management. Her association with DOE and NAHRIM had given her the opportunity to work with different ministries, universities and agencies in the field of procedures and practice with regards to the Malaysian Environmental Laws, Environmental Impact Assessment review and project approval, monitoring of marine, air and noise pollution, curriculum development and performance assessment in competency based training,  advisory and consultancy work with local authorities in lake restoration, advisory work in water management to the Ministry of National Resources and Environment and had made her one of the country experts in river water quality management. Her international exposure includes her paper presentations and as country expert in round table discussion in Japan and ASEAN countries. Her post graduate studies at the Institute of Hydrological Engineering in Delft, Holland and given her international exposure in European Union countries on the practices of environmental management science.

Among her consultancy work includes:
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of water quality in Kuala Lumpur Lake garden, 2010/2011, Shah Alam Lake water quality, 2011
  • TNB wastewater improvement project, 2011
  • YKK Manufacturing, Johor (Technical Advisor), 2011
  • EIA for Agriculture College, Tangga Batu, Kedah. 2010
  • Study on domestic drinking water filters in Malaysia, 2009.
  • EIA for Agriculture College, Tangga Batu, Kedah. 2010
  • Study on domestic drinking water filters in Malaysia, 2009.
Some of her works were published to be shared among environmental practitioners in:
  • Pauziah Hanum Abdul Ghani, Mohd. Kamil Yusoff, Latifah Abd. Manaf and Mohamed bin Daud, 2010. Building Knowledge-Based System for River Water Quality Management. Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Vol. 18 Paper 21, 2010.
  • Pauziah Hanum Abdul Ghani, Mohd. Kamil Yusoff, Latifah Abd. Manaf and Mohamed bin Daud, 2009. Ammonium Ion Trend in Selected Malaysian River, World Applied Science Journal. (World Applied Sciences Journal 6(3):442.448,2009)
  • Pauziah Hanum Abdul Ghani, Mohd. Kamil Yusoff, Latifah Abd. Manaf and Mohamed bin Daud, 2009. Knowledge-based System for River Water Quality Management (European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 33 No.1 (2009), pp153-162

Her academic achievement includes winning Gold Medalist in Research Invention and Innovation, Universiti Putra Malaysia for her work in the development of the expert system in river management. She had recently been certified as Asian Productivity Organization trainer in Green Technology under a certification program with APO and Malaysia Productivity Corporation Malaysian.

Linkfarr Management Consultants

Dr Noorhisham Hj Mohd Alwi
PhD (Mgt); MSc (HR), BSc (FST)

Noorhisham Hj Mohd Alwi has more than twenty-four years of training and development experience in the area of hospitality management and human resource development. He graduated from the University Putra Malaysia with bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology in 1983 and holds a masters degree concentrating in human resource training from Purdue University, Indiana, USA in 1992. He obtained his doctorate degree in training management at University Putra Malaysia in 2006.

Hisham as he is fondly called, served more than thirteen years with the National Productivity Corporation before opting for retirement in March 1997. He has associated himself with a few training and consultancy organizations before being a Managing Consultant of Linkfarr Sdn Bhd. He has taught as a part-time lecturer in the area of Public Relations and Strategic Management with UPM, University Malaya and UiTM.

He specializes in Managerial and Leadership Development Program, Clerical and Supervisory Development Program, Corporate Team Building and Productivity & Quality. His experiences with NPC and other training firms had given him the opportunity to conduct programs for Matsushita, JVC, Fujitsu, Tamura, Omron, Asahi Kosei, Proton, Perodua, KUB, PLUS, DRB, Coffee Bean, Sofitel, SEDCs, Hewlett Packard, Harris Technology, Tongkah, AVON, Abrar Finance, SPK Insurance, Malene Insurance and a few government agencies such as MARA, Felda, Felcra, MPSJ, MPK, MAIS and JPS.

Mohd Rizal Abdul Razak
MBA (Fin); BA (PolSci)

Mohd Rizal is one of the management consultants at Linkfarr Sdn Bhd specializing in management and finance. He obtained his first degree in Political Science from University of Canterbury, New Zealand and Masters of Business Administration (Finance) from International Islamic University, Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Management at the Multimedia University, Malaysia.

Rizal is experienced in conducting various topics in finance such as Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Investment and Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Mergers and Acquisitions and Credit Management. He is also an instructor for the Malaysian Futures and Options module, which is conducted jointly with the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

He has been engaged as consultant by Infineon Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd, Intraline Resources Sdn Bhd, Cetusan Emas Sdn Bhd, Entrepreneurs Development Institute and the Melaka State Development Corporation. Mohd Rizal has also co-authored a book entitled "Introduction to Cyberpreneurship" (Publisher McGraw-Hill International) as well as research papers presented at international conferences.

Prior to his current affiliation with Linkfarr Sdn Bhd, he has over 10 years of working experience in executive and managerial capacities in the public sector and multinational organizations.

Hissham Rizal Latif
BSc (Hons) Computing Information System (1991)

Hissham Rizal Latif is one of our Technical Consultants. He has more than 16 years of industrial experience in the IT industry with 14 years solid experience in networking, system integration and project management. He started his career with MISC (UK) after graduating from University of East London with bachelor degree in Computing Information System.

His first job in Malaysia was with Bank Negara Malaysia as a system analyst. To pursue his passion in data networking, he left BNM and joined TIME group even though it meant getting less pay and benefits. His decision had proven worthwhile as within less than 2 years, he managed to join Bay Networks, a multinational company based in Canada as a Regional Support Engineer.

From there onwards, Hissham has been working with a number of IT companies and have gained extensive experience and knowledge in data networking and system integrations as well as in IT project management, consultancy and training.

Among the major projects that have been handled by Hissham are:

  1. UiTM Campus Sarawak Network Upgrade – Project Manager cum Project Engineer: Responsible for managing, redesigning and planning the Campus Network Upgrade.
  2. MOE-JPN Network Upgrade – Project Manager: Responsible for managing the implementation of the nation-wide network upgrade for JPN and IAB. The scopes include preparing the network design, documentation and planning for the network integration and migration.
  3. MAMPU ICT Strategic Plan – Technical Specialist: One of the team members involved in developing the ISP for MAMPU.
  4. JUPEM – Project Manager cum Network Engineer: Responsible for managing the JUPEM Enterprise Network setup. The scopes include the network design, planning and configuration of the network equipments (Catalyst 6509, Catalyst 3750, CISCO 565E Content Switch, CISCOWorks LMS and CISCO Routers) and network migration.
  5. AtlasONE Sdn Bhd, Project Manager (Integration) ~ AtlasONE is a company providing broadband communication services under the provisions of the Network Facilities Provider, Network Services Provider, and Application Services Provider (Individual and Class) licenses. Involved in this 4mill project to integrate their Data Centre’s Network equipments which comprised of Cisco Catalyst 6513, AS5400 Voice Gateway, SSG, Firewall and CISCO 7206 routers, Catalyst 3550 and CiscoWorks.
Currently, Hissham is working as a Technical General Manager with DDS Engineering Sdn. Bhd. His responsibility is to manage the Technical Department which consists of the Pre Sales, Implementation and Support team members. Hissham is also a keen golfer.

Jabit Mak Amin
B.E Electrical Engineering (UTM 1994)
Level 2 Certified Infrared Thermographer

Jabit Mak Amin is one of the management consultants at Linkfarr Sdn Bhd specializing in predictive maintenance and electrical programs. His responsibilities include managing the electrical business interests; provide technical inputs especially in maintenance engineering and developing values for growth in human capital and clients.

Jabit has over ten years of experience in the field of engineering especially in maintenance, electrical engineering, infrared thermography, condition monitoring and information technology. He is also exposed in plant maintenance as well as trained as the trainer in various fields of management.

He resigned from Tenaga Nasional to concentrate his resources to build Transwarp Technology. His career and talents blossomed during his twelve years stint at Tenaga. During his Tenaga’s days, he was involved in setting up condition monitoring programs for Tenaga’s plants and sub-station, also as a full pledge member of maintenance management projects such as Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Condition Based Maintenance and Condition Monitoring.

In Condition Monitoring, Jabit has developed methods and procedures for Tenaga Nasional plants, Independent Power Plant (TTPC Perlis and Malakoff PPSB) as well as multi-national companies such as AMD, Fairchild, Solectron and Southern Steel.

As a trainer, his core areas are Maintenance Management, Maintenance Technology, Poka-Yoke with Innovation, Total Predictive and Preventive Maintenance, Project Management and Infrared Thermography. For the last eight years, he has been engaged as a trainer by the TNB Group of Companies, Sapura Group of companies, LHDN, JKR, CIDB, TTPC Perlis, Malakoff PPSB, Ministry of Defense, the Royal Malaysia Air Force and Malaysia Airport Berhad.

Mohamad Nadzri Hassan
BSc (Electrical Engineering) Texas A&M, USA (1991)

Mohamad Nadzri Hassan is one of Linkfarr Sdn Bhd Technical Consultant. He has over thirteen years of experience in the field of IT and telecommunications technology, services, manufacturing and marketing. He started his career with the Sapura Group of Companies in International Marketing Division after graduation in 1991 as a Technical Support Engineer.

Then in 1992 he was transferred to Sapura R&D to further enhance his knowledge in telecommunication. Since then until his resignation in 2003, he has held critical posts within the Sapura Group of Companies where he gained extensive experience and knowledge not only in technical field but also in marketing, management, financial, investment, etc.

His assignment in ADAM (a GSM1900 service provider, now part of MAXIS) has given him a huge exposure in technical knowledge and training experience. As one of the pioneers in GSM1900 technology, it was his responsibility to gain as much knowledge as possible and trained the rest of the team including the top managements, trainers and other supporting staff on system features and capabilities, security issues, technological path, etc.

His experience as a trainer is further enhanced when he was transferred to Sapura Messaging Sdn Bhd where he was responsible to provide technical training to customers in the Asia Pacific countries.

As a Technical Manager with Sapura Marketing Sdn Bhd, he and his team were responsible in managing the Sapura’s IT networks, servers and PCs. Among systems under his supervision are Sapura’s LAN and WAN which cover the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

Among his other strengths and experiences are:

  • Has over 5 years of experience as System Administrator for Microsoft Windows environment.
  • 2 years of experience as Technology Analyst for Sapura Venture Capital – exposure to the latest technologies.
  • 2 years of experience in R&D environment – knowledge in hardware design and software development.

As a trainer, his core areas are ICT related Programs. He has been engaged as consultant and trainer by the Sapura Group of Companies, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense and the Royal Malaysia Air Force.

Azahan Abd Majid
BSc (IT) Open University, Malaysia

Azahan Abd Majid is one of the key Network Management Consultant of Linkfarr Sdn Bhd for ICT related training programs.

At Linkfarr, his core areas are ICT related Programs (operating systems and hardware). He has been engaged as consultant and trainer by the Sapura Group of Companies, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense and the Royal Malaysia Air Force.

He has over ten years of experience in the field of IT and Telecommunications technology and services. He started his career with the Sapura Group of Companies in Sapura Digital (ADAM 017) in 1995 as a Customer Service Executive. Then he was transferred to Fax & Data Department as Technical Support Executive to further enhance his knowledge in telecommunication technology. Here, he gained extensive experience and knowledge not only in communication but also networking, security, wireless, data center and servers.

His experience as a trainer was further enhanced when he was transferred to Sapura Marketing Sdn Bhd where he was responsible to provide technical training to internal staff, customers and dealers. The topics covered include product related technical subject, fax and data services and the whole range of Microsoft software related products.

His exposure to ICT related technology was further enhanced when he was promoted to Sapura Holdings as ICT Support Specialist in 2000. Here, he was responsible to support the Chairman and CEO of Sapura for their IT needs. This high profile post gave him huge exposure in technical knowledge as he was involved in many projects such as local area network (wired & wireless) on a 150-feet yacht, Enterprise LAN and WAN setup in new Sapura Building, Satellite Communication for Sapura at LIMA 2000 & 2005, Wireless WAN configuration and installation at Tun Mahathir’s house, Sapura Chairman and CEO’s house at The Mines, Migration of Microsoft Exchange 2003, implementing Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) for training room usage throughout the Sapura Group of Companies, implementing Open Source Application to monitor network (nagios, ntop, iptraf, etherape) and security (snort, rancid, ipcop, astaro) for Sapura Building.

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