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ICT Related Training Programs
Managerial & Staff Development Training Programs
Team Building Program with Productivity & Quality Improvement Goals
Productivity & Quality Improvement Programs
Finance and Accounting Exposure Training Programs
Security and OSHA Related Training Programs
Creative Thinking, Power Memory and Mindset Training
Vehicle, Workshop and Engine Training Programs
Photography Related Training Programs
Acoustics, Noise and Sonar Training Programs
Registered Courses

Acoustics, Noise and Sonar Training Programs
Course Code
Course Title
Course Duration
TJ 01
Noise Measurement and Control
3 days : 0830 - 1700
TJ 02
Hands on Sound and Vibration Measurement
3 days : 0830 - 1700
TJ 03
Advanced Sound and Vibration Application and Problem Solving
3 days : 0830 - 1700
TJ 04
Modal Analysis
3 days : 0830 - 1700
TJ 05
Fundamental Mechanics of Underwater Acoustics
3 days : 0830 - 1700


The above are our standard training modules. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the company is prepared to deliver customized programs and to deliver other topics within our level of expertise.


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