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Local jobseekers enhance skills through courses
By James Kon Dec 23rd, 2009

IN CONTINUING efforts to upgrade the ability and build confidence of local jobseekers, around 80 participants, registered under Labour Department, attended two separate courses in Tutong.

The courses on motivation and customer service are under the “Program Khas Graduan dan Lepasan Sekolah Mencari Pekerjaan Di Bawah Dana Sumber Manusia”, otherwise known as the ‘Specialised Programme for Job Seeking Graduates and School Leavers Under the Human Resource Fund’.

Organised by the Job Centre, Labour Department, with the support of the Department of Economic Planning and Development, these courses are aimed at raising the level of knowledge, skills and potentials of local job seekers towards becoming more marketable, competitive and resilient and in turn, enable them to take advantage of the job opportunities available, especially in the private sectors.

It is also aimed at instilling confidence of the local job seekers in their efforts to acquire employment, specifically in the private sectors as well as to assist them in facing and overcoming difficulties in acquiring employment by prioritising the private sectors as their source of employment opportunity.

This is the first time that courses under the “Program Khas Graduan Dan Lepasan Sekolah Mencari Pekerjaan Di Bawah Dana Sumber Manusia” were held in the Tutong District.

Around 30 job seekers registered under the Labour Department, took part in the motivational course, which began from December 21 to 24. The event is being held at the Serambangun Hall, Kampung Serambangun. Awg Abdul Rani bin Mat Salleh of HBM-NCI Resources Sdn Bhd, is the lecturer and he touches upon a number of subjects such as handling customers and how to manage oneself among others.

In the customer’s service course, about 50 job seekers registered under the Labour Department took part in the programme and is currently being held from December 22 to 24 at the Seri Kenangan Hall of the Tutong Community Centre. Awg Manjaya bin Mansur of AJZ Advance Enterprise as one of the lecturers, is trying to motivate the participants through activities and games to allow better preparation in facing the highly competitive job marker as job seekers.

Activities such as are seminars; question and answer sessions; practicals; group works and physical activities are also being held.

Similar courses are in the works and will be offered to registered local job seekers including courses in English, computer skills and accounting among others. Those interested are welcome to visit the Job. Centre during working hours to view available courses offered and/or to register as a local job seeker. The counter for registration can be found at the Job Centre, Labour Department located at JIn Cator, Bandar Seri Begawan and the 4th floor of the Labour Department Headquarters at the Immigration Building.
Linkfarr has made itself available in Brunei Darussalam through our cooperation with NCI Enterprise and Services of Brunei:
Module : Excellence Customer Service Technique
Customer : Department of Labor, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Venue : Department of Labor, Kuala Belait Branch
Date : 17 – 20 August 2009
Trainer : Abdul Rani Mat Salleh
Course Objectives: At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Build a strong foundation of customer service skills that can be used for life
  • Gain confidence in ability to anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs. Manage customer expectations and avoid making promises that can’t be kept
  • Overcome the barriers to good listening and improve ability to communicate and retain what customers are saying
  • Project a positive and professional image. Use proven tips and techniques to handle difficult customer situations
  Prepare for the future and develop the skills needed to
have a long and successful career in the exciting field of customer support


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