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Linkfarr In Brief

Linkfarr Sdn Bhd was established in July 1997 by a network of friends who have known each others from their high school and university days. The company believes in expanding and growing through networking of friends. The name “Linkfarr” stands for:

           “Link of Friends and Associates with Right Relationships”

It can also be stated as:

            “Linking Friends, Associates and Rakan-Rakan”

The founders realized that organizations must continuously develop their human resource potentials to stay competitive. With the Malaysian government concerted efforts to prepare the nation to face the challenges of the knowledge economy in the information age, Linkfarr Sdn Bhd is set to play a role in helping businesses to adapt and adjust to the new business landscape that will define competition in this millennium and beyond.

Having established network with resources from the Multimedia University, the International Islamic University and Purdue University (USA), Linkfarr Sdn Bhd is able to design effective modules and training materials of solid knowledge foundation. To add depth of training experiences, Linkfarr has teamed up with NH Strategic Resources (NHSR) as its training arm. The symbiotic addition of NHSR consultants has provided Linkfarr with well-horned years of practical training experiences with both multi nationals and local conglomerates. The combination of theory and practical has given our training programs a good balance between theory and practice. The emphasis is on the practical applications and relevance of those skills in the Malaysian business context.

Linkfarr Sdn Bhd has also formed strategic partnership with Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd and Electronic Warfare Associates – Australia. Bridge IT is one of Australia leading ICT consultants and specialist service providers. EWA Australia meanwhile is one of the world leading consultants in the field of electronic and information security.

With these two principals, Linkfarr has the necessary competency to provide training and consultancy services in the field of ICT, satellite communication and electronics defense system for Malaysia and the ASEAN region.


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