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COO ABM Wilayah Tengah presenting hispoints
Speaker from ABM Sarawak presenting the group positions
Speaker from ABM Timur
Group Discussion
Current Expectations
Who are your customers?
After Workshop Tasks
Based on this, the tasks that await the COOs after this workshop can be summarized as below:
Market ABMs certified training programs more actively to existing and new customers.
Develop customized training modules to cater to more specific customer needs.
Position ABM as a main player in the provision of technical/ construction related training in Malaysia and beyond.
Workshop Objectives

To help the participants accomplish the above after training tasks, a workshop style training (Input-Process-Output approach) is proposed. Participants will be guided throughout the workshop to gather and extract inputs that will be processed to produce specific plans that will be used by them. All the required “push” factors will be identified and listed in this strategic marketing action plan.

The workshop will guide participants through three stages to accomplish the following:
Input Stage
Fundamentals to marketing
Fundamentals of CPR strategies (Customers, Products, Resources)
Identify competitive forces
Analyze existing and new potential markets
Processing Stage
Identify the position that ABM would like to be
Identify all the barriers that preventing ABM from reaching the targeted position
Generate possible strategies to expand the market of existing products based on CTEMP
Generate possible strategies to penetrate new markets based on CTEMP
The CRP strategies
Identify potential new products to cater to expanded and new markets
Output Stage
Set new targets beyond the regular “contract”
Establish new/revised marketing plan to realize targets set
Reorganize support/resources to execute established plan
Establish other “push” factors to realize targets set
Formalize this strategic marketing action plan
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